Sleeping Garden Gnome with Toad Home

This sleeping garden gnome figurine also serves as a home for toads. You may say that Mr. Gnome is one with nature.

Sleeping Garden Gnome

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Extra! Extra! Santa Clause is a Garden Gnome

Santa Claus is actually a Garden Gnome. For generations people have asked how it is possible that Santa Clause could climb down a chimney without getting stuck. Now we know. Santa is a Garden Gnome! It just makes sense. Garden Gnomes live almost forever and have tremendous strength and can easily fit and climb down a chimney.

This would also explain why small children who have sighted Santa describe similar descriptions. Santa is small, but to children he is big. Now you know.

Santa Clause Garden Gnome

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American Soldiers in Iraq Adopt Garden Gnome


The story of our gnome begins when we had decided to grow grass to help get our minds off of the dead environment of Iraq. We built a 3×5 box and laid the potting soil and grass seed that my mother had sent us. Grass grew within weeks of its planting to a thick and luscious “lawn”. Luscious Lawn Our Platoon Sergeant had mentioned that we should look for a gnome to finish things off and bring more attention to the grass. We thought about this for about a week and we finally decided to begin our search for the perfect gnome.

We had searched about 3 other sites before landing on and decided that this site had such a variety of gnomes, we would have to find one there. We started looking at the variety of gnomes they had to offer and decided, since our Platoon Sergeant had brought the idea to our attention, we would look for a gnome that was most similar in looks or personality to him. We mainly focused on the 8 inch gnomes as it would be easier had we decided to get it back home with us. After searching the site we landed on “Nicholas the Publisher”. This gnome was almost an exact look-a-like of our Platoon Sergeant, well, except for the beard, pointy hat and gnome clothing.

After e-mailing Gnome Town USA, to reassure that we could get a gnome sent all the way to Iraq, we had placed our order and within three days our gnome was delivered. We had to rename the gnome, though, to make it more known that we had bought it for our Platoon Sergeant. The gnome is now known as “Mark the Banker”, as you can see from our sign that we had created for him. In Safe HandsI would like to thank Gnome Town USA for being so gracious as to ship this gnome from the US to the far and distant land of Iraq, and also for shipping it out so quickly! This brought smiles to everyones faces once the gnome was placed out by our grass. Thank you again, and your the gnome is in safe hands with the US Army!

SGT Ten Cate and the Soldiers of Bravo Company 257 BSB, Kenosha, WI

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Hoppy the Garden Gnome

hoppyHoppy is a tough little garden gnome. This poor little creature fell into a pothole and somehow crawled out. Unfortunately he sprained his ankle and temporarily has to walk with crutches. He is a perfect example of Garden Gnome resilience, one moment, one day at a time and an inspiration to all. Nothing gets him down.

Hoppy the Garden Gnome.

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Extra Large Gnomes

We are pleased to offer these large garden gnomes. Many are 32 inches high.

TH Garden Gnomes

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Gran Torino Movie – Starring Clint Eastwood

There was one cast member that got little recognition for his role in the new Clint Eastwood movie, Gran Torino. That cast member was Gus, the Original garden gnome.  Actually, a total of 4 of them were involved in the making of this movie.One was used as a casualty of the gang-instigated fight on disgruntled Korean War vet Walt Kowalski’s (Clint Eastwood) lawn.We believe it took a total of 3 gnomes to get the scene just right.The other appeared standing in front of Walt’s porch as if helping him guard his property from the gang that was intent on bringing the young man next door into their fold.

Since gnomes have become more popular in recent years thanks to the Travelocity ads engaging them in different life experiences, garden gnomes from have made their mark in print ads, television, and on the big screen. Suddenly, the garden gnome has become part of today’s young Hollywood crowd, showing up at awards shows, nightclubs, and elite parties and events. As such, they have also become somewhat of a divo (a male version of the diva), demanding their own trailers, expensive bling, and fashion stylists.

However, we feel in the interest of artistic expression, the garden gnomes are well worth all the fuss. We wish to commend Mr. Eastwood for creating another fantastic movie (and funnier than expected) and wish him continued success. Clint has said that this is the last time he’s going to be in front of the lens. We at can only hope that he reconsiders and also that the gnomes are given roles with more substance in his next movie (and higher pay, of course).

Please be aware that Gran Torino is an “R” rated movie for language throughout, and some violence.

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Phillip and Junior Garden Gnomes with Flute

Garden Gnomes Phillip with Flute  and Phillip Jr.  with Flute are magical Gnomes. Please click on these gnomes to hear the magic of their flutes:

Phillip with Flute Garden Gnome Garden Gnome Philip with Flute
Garden Gnomes – Phillip Jr. with Flute Garden Gnomes – Phillip with Flute

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International Garden Gnomes

For years we have known that garden gnomes have been immigrating to the USA. They represent the diversity of America. Some come from Italy, Germany, Ireland, France, Scotland, Holland and many other countries. We are proud to announce our new collections:

Sofie and Schuyler Dutch Garden Gnomes
Gianni the Italian Garden Gnome
Robinson from Switzerland Garden Gnome
Avery the French Gnome Gnome
Patrick the Irish Garden Gnome
Dakota Native America Garden Gnome
Lance German Garden Gnome
Murray Scottish Garden Gnome

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House Bunny


Our Garden Gnome reporter has just informed us of another gnome sighting. He just returned from viewing the new movie, “House Bunny” in which several garden gnomes were sighted.

House Bunny” is a movie about a playboy bunny who is thrown out of the Playboy mansion and ends up becoming a house mother at the Zeta sorority house. This playboy bunny turned house mother helps the sorority sisters, who have the least popular sorority on campus, find ways to boost membership in hopes of saving their charter. Our Garden Gnome reporter spotted several scenes of this comedy where gnomes were part of the setting. So if you go to see this movie, look for the gnomes!

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Featured on Uluru

McCain’s attack ad says that Obama is the biggest celebrity in the world implying that he is right up there with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Actually, McCain could have used one more example, the garden gnome. For centuries garden gnomes tried to lead a quiet life among humans and shunned any sort of attention. Now they are appearing everywhere. We see them in print and television ads and in movies. Recently, Uluru, a high end clothing manufacturer used one of our garden gnomes on the front cover of their printed “Holiday Resort 2008” catalog.

Their popularity and their celebrity status are growing just like Obama’s. If Obama is the biggest celebrity in the world, then garden gnomes must not be too far behind him. If fact, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if we get a call from the White House some day asking us to ship some to Mr. Obama. After all, being a celebrity has its perks.

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