Artificial Rocks


These artificial rocks are a beautiful accompaniment for our Garden Gnomes. They help hide unsightly object(s) in your yard like pipes, pumps, manholes and other items. They are attractive, durable, strong and easy to move.

Please click here for more information on our large selection of artificial rocks.

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Gazing Ball – Mirrow Ball


Accessorize your garden gnomes with these beautiful Gazing Balls or Mirrow Balls. The spectacular reflections and appearance of these Garden Balls can help beautify your garden. They help add to the magic of your garden gnomes.

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Muffin Boy

There is a mysterious forest within the woody area we all have near our homes. In this forest children are able to witness experiences that are so incredible that they carry the memory well into their adult life. Upon becoming an adult they stop sharing their story because they are embarrassed by the thought that people will not believe them. This is why many adults long for their childhood and regret not being able to live those days.

I myself experienced an enchanted moment that was caused by me taking advantage of a friend who should have known better. To this day I regret and marvel over an incredible experience I had when I was a child. I tell you this story and call it fiction only to protect myself from being teased for knowing the almost unbelievable truth. My name is Kevin.

My friend, Morey, and I liked to explore and do many things. Morey was very adventurous and was more willing to try things on a whim. I would constantly dare Morey, “Why don’t you try this”. He would always reply, “Okay.” Morey trusted me and to this day I regret that I broke his trust. Up until the event in question, I had never suggested anything that would get my friend in trouble. However I did possess a mischievous streak and I let it get the better of me. He forgave me for what happened, but unfortunately I never forgave myself.

tn_wg555ma.jpgIn the mysterious forest lived a small community of gnomes. They looked exactly like garden gnomes. Among the gnomes was the supervisor, Timothy. Because we were children, only Morey and I were able to see the gnomes. For some reason adults were not able to see them. We even tried to tell our parents about them, only to be punished because they thought we were making up stories. Because we got punished, Morey and I made a pact never to tell our parents or any other adults about the inhabitants of the mysterious forest for fear of being punished or laughed at.

In addition to the gnomes, a quiet old lady lived in the woods in her small house. The house blended into the forest and consequently not many people knew she lived there. Timothy the Gnome had warned us to stay away from her. He never told us why. Timothy the Gnome believed everyone had a right to privacy, because gnomes value privacy above everything else. Little did we understand that this warning was not an idle warning but rather a warning that was a matter of life or death!

Every afternoon we passed the old lady’s house only to smell the most intoxicating aroma of fresh baked pastries. Some days she would make these beautiful luscious looking pies with fresh apples. Another day she made the incredible cup cakes suitable for a king. However on this day she made muffins. The muffins were made with various herbs and berries from the forest. They had an intoxicating aroma and there was something magical about them that made them irresistible.

When I smelled those muffins I got a mischievous idea. Neither Morey nor I needed to steal the muffins. We had brought lunch with us and had plenty of food. But the aroma of the fresh baked muffins drove us crazy; making it impossible to ignore them. I turned to Morey and dared him to steal that muffin. “Hey Morey, bet you can’t steal at least two muffins from that old lady.” “Yes I can.” he replied. “Yea, let see you do it.” I shouted back at him.

Ever so quietly, Morey and I sneaked up the house to check it out. Morey wanted to steal the muffins when the old lady was not looking. We waited while hiding until the old lady left the house. Afterwards Morey bolted for the front door. Guided by the luscious fragrance he made his way to the kitchen. Upon seeing the muffins, Morey grabbed all of them and put them in his pockets. He then ran from the house to where I was waiting.

A funny thing happened when Morey offered me a muffin. I immediately felt guilty about stealing the old lady’s muffins. I realized that we had gone too far. While pondering whether I should accept a muffin, Timothy the Gnome happened to come by. He told us that we made a mistake and should return the muffins and apologize before it was too late. “Too late!,” replied Morey. “Yes, too late!,” the gnome repeated. At this point I refused to take any muffins. However Morey explained that the Gnome could not hurt him, because only children and not adults can see him.

I cringed as Morey started to eat the muffin. As he ate the muffin, he reveled about his successful mission, or so he thought.

At this time I was sick with guilt and told Morey I wanted to go home. Morey decided to accompany me home and continued to revel about his accomplishment. In the distance we could hear the Gnome warning us that we had made a big mistake.

While walking we notice some birds perched in the trees. It was a normal site, but seemed kind of strange because I never had my attention caught by them before. However I noticed that as we walked more birds were starting to appear. When I looked again up at the trees I tripped on a rock and fell to the ground. While picking myself I notice that there were crumbs on the ground. “Morey”! “What,” he replied. “Are you dropping crumbs on the ground. Morey checked his pockets to see if crumbs from his muffins were dropping on the ground. There weren’t any. This was a mystery that plagued us until the next event answered our question.

Then it happened! First the birds flew down and pecked and started to eat the breadcrumbs on the ground. Then they started to follow the trail of breadcrumbs to straight to source. Then to my shock they started to hop and fly straight for Morey’s beautiful long locks of hair. To my shock the crumbs were falling out of his hair. ‘Get them off of me! Get them off of me!” he yelled. I quickly brushed them off and then yelled, “Run!”

After we got far away from the birds I looked at Morey’s hair only to discover that it was changing from black to the same color as a muffin. “Morey, what is going on?” “I don’t know, but I’m scared.” “Morey! Lets head home, maybe our parents can help you,” I replied.

So we headed home, toward a narrow path on the side of a pond. As we got closer to the pond we could hear ducks. Hundreds maybe even thousands. This almost seemed like the end of our adventure. We couldn’t get to the path, because the ducks, which started to run toward Morey, blocked it. “Morey, run! I think they want to eat you!”

“Where, where?” Morey asked. I then suggested we run back to Timothy the Gnome. He was a supervisor and seemed to be wise beyond years. Little did I know that he was almost 300 years old and had wisdom beyond my imagination.

After running for a half an hour and dodging birds that were diving at Morey we caught up to Timothy the Gnome. “Timothy, Timothy, we need your help!” we both screamed. “What is happening to you boys?” Timothy replied. We quickly explained.

There is a reason I warned you not to go near her. She is a witch with magical powers. You boys would have been all right if you had left her alone. We then asked the wise Timothy why he had not told us that she was a witch. Timothy then explained to us that everyone deserved their privacy and that we should not have stolen the muffins.

We realized now that it was wrong to steal the muffins and not only felt scared but guilty at the same time for our crime.
“What can we do Timothy?”
“You boys must go to the witch and ask her forgiveness. Hopefully you can work out something so that you get rid of this problem.”

Afterwards we went to the witch and asked her for forgiveness. The witch explained that she would take the spell off Morey if we did some chores around the house. We quickly did the chores. As we did the chores Morey’s hair color and locks started to return to the natural black color. When we completed the chores Morey’s hair had completely returned.

You know that witch wasn’t that bad of a person. She offered to give us good muffins anytime we wanted to do chores for her. She explained that she was getting older and needed help and wanted some company. I will never forget those days we spent with her and hearing her stories. That was 50 years ago and it is has taken all these years to have the courage to share my story.

Morey and I lost touch after high school, but I hear he owns his own bakery. I imagine that Timothy, the supervisor is still tending to that forest and guiding other adventurous boys to do the right thing.

Written by Lawrence Ticotin

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Outdoor Furniture – Cherry Wood


We are pleased to offer outdoor furniture that will allow you to enjoy your garden gnomes and many other outdoor activities. This beautiful furniture is made with cherry wood, a wood that has been recognized by the US Forestry Service as a decay resistant wood. Many of the pieces are also suitable for indoor use. The wood is finished with high quality penetrating oil. The furniture is easy to assemble and built to last forever, maybe even generations.

Please click here for more information about outdoor furniture.

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Pamela of the Forest

There was once an old lady named Pamela who lived deep in the forest. She had lived a productive life. She had children and a husband. However her husband had passed away and her children had moved away to start their own families. Her children asked and begged her to move with them because nobody lived around her. As time went on the children were unable to visit their mother because they had responsibilities of their own.

Pamela did not want to leave her home because it had become an important familiar part of her life. She had become old and set in her ways and was unable to accept a change in her life.

As time went on Pamela had become more in tune with the nature around her home. There was a pond that she could look upon from a window in the back of her home. From time to time beautiful white swans visited the pond. Pamela enjoyed watching their graceful movements in the water.

Pamela decided to keep herself busy to take the emptiness out of her life. She fed the swans bread so that she could enjoy their company. She built a beautiful home out of straw for them to nest in. As time went on she was blessed with more and more swans. Later she started to feed the squirrels and deer.

As time went on the animals became so dependent on her for food. They forgot how to find the food. The swans forgot how to fish. The squirrels forgot how to find nuts. The deer forgot that they could eat the shrubs around them because they thought everything had to be fed to them.

One-day Pamela’s old age finally caught up to her and she was no longer able to take care of the animals or even herself. The animals started to cry outside her house because they were hungry. She wanted to feed them, but was unable to. Minute after minute she heard the animals cry and slowly realized that she had hurt them because she took away their ability to survive. She started to cry because nobody was there to help her and the animals or so she thought.

For sometime gnomes had observed her and had become very concerned about her and the animals. They came into the house and called Pamela’s name. She couldn’t see them. Where are you? she asked. Look at the floor, the gnomes replied. She was shocked to see how small they were and asked who they were and was told that Gnomes had always been around her.

From that point on the Gnomes comforted Pamela in her last few days. When Pamela died she was at peace knowing that the Gnomes would teach the animals how take care of themselves to survive.

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Gnomes Arrive in Time for the Holidays

Wow- my order arrived today! Thanks so much for your excellent customer
service. – S.K. Virginia

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Tea Time with Gnomes

On a recent visit to a quaint teahouse restaurant in Fredon, NJ, I was enjoying an afternoon of fine teas and excellent food when it occurred to me that Gnomes are known for their fondness for exotic teas. Their favorite is the Birch tea with grounded Walnut to give it a hearty taste during the wintertime. They tap the sap from the tree in March and then store it to make various beverages. They particularly like its antiseptic and medicinal properties and use it to help prevent sickness during the winter.

I was privileged to taste the restaurant’s Christmas tea, a blend of herbal tea, cinnamon, and apple that the teahouse was offering that day as the tea of the day special. I wondered if the Gnomes had experienced such a wonderful tea. Then as it happened I glanced out the window to take a look at the quiet farmlands put to rest for the winter season when I spotted a Gnome by the back porch. I recognized instantly that it was Gus. He was sitting on a tree stump sipping a cup of tea. I’m sure he had no idea that anyone was aware of his presence. I tempted to sit with Gus to share a cup of tea and some conversation, but before I could act, he was gone. Perhaps we’d meet another day?

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TH Gnomes

We are proud to offer a new line of Garden Gnomes for our visitors to enjoy. Our mission is to offer a vast collection of high quality gnomes for the connoisseur of these creatures.

Please click here for more information:

TH Garden Gnomes

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Gnardo the Gnome

Mr. Katz, the family’s prize cat was having a quiet conversation with a Gnome called Gnardo on the other side of the screen door to the garden. Perfectly logical – gnomes are known for their ability to communicate with other creatures. However, cats have always treated them as if they were playthings and sometimes play too roughly with them. Fortunately for this gnome the screen door prevented the cat from harming him.


However, the gnome needed a favor from this cat. Gnardo had heard there was a single female gnome in a nearby forest. There was a long journey to make and he wanted the cat to give him a ride. So he summoned up his courage and decided to chance asking the friendly looking cat what he thought about the idea.

Mr. Katz, meanwhile, had spotted a tiny toad and was busily pursuing him. Gnardo the Gnome thought better of asking such an important question right then and patiently waited. Oddly, somehow the toad managed to escape and Mr. Katz returned to the spot where he had been before. And the gnome thought, “this is my chance. I’ll ask him now!”

“Mr. Katz,” began Gnardo the Gnome, “I need a big favor.” He now had the cat’s attention, so he continued. “There’s a lovely lady gnome living in a nearby forest, and I would really like to meet her. But it’s such a long way and I cannot travel that far on my own. Would you consider going there and letting me ride on your back? I would really appreciate it, and maybe one day I can return the favor.”

To his surprise the cat replied, “I’ve always enjoyed talking with you in the garden. And, I haven’t been away in some time, so I’ll definitely think about it.”

Mr. Katz ,wouldn’t you like to be able to explore the outside world?” the gnome asked. The cat answered, “Yes, but what do I have to do to get out?” Gnardo replied, “Just be my friend.”

“Surely you want more than that,” Mr. Katz replied.

Now, Gnardo the Gnome knew that cats liked the taste of mice. However, gnomes are vegetarians and don’t eat meat. The thought of the cat eating mice was repulsive. But Gnardo knew he must bargain with the cat, no matter how distasteful it might be. He was willing to do anything for love, because he was so lonely. He would tempt Mr. Katz but he had no intention of feeding mice to a cat. Besides some mice were his best friends.

The terms were then worked out. First, and most important, the cat agreed not to mistreat (or EAT) Gnardo. The second was that the cat would take the gnome to the other forest where the lovely female gnome lived. And then Gnardo would provide a nice mouse for Mr. Katz’s dinner.

Fortunately for the gnome, Mr. Katz was a purebred Siamese with a royal heritage that dated back to ancient times. This cat had learned to live according to a code of honor because of his background. In other words, when he made a deal, he stuck to it. (Gnardo had other plans.)

The gnome climbed up the door and unlocked it to let the cat escape. For about 5 minutes the cat eagerly explored the outside. He hadn’t been allowed outside and was so excited. Gnardo the Gnome‘s ladylove was far from his thoughts.

“Ahem,” the gnome murmured. “Oh, I almost forgot,” the cat replied. “Jump on my back and we will begin our journey.” And so, the adventure began.

The trip proved long and perilous. At one point they crossed an open field and were chased by wild dogs who, luckily, spotted Gnardo astride the cat and gave up the chase..(it’s a well known fact that gnomes and dogs are friends.) During the journey they got drenched by rain. Mr. Katz hated getting wet, but Gnardo the Gnome liked the rain, appreciating the help the rain gave trees and flowers. About this time Mr. Katz was starting to have second thoughts about escaping from home. He missed his dry house and his master (mistress ???), the little girl who adored and fed him.

They both were astonished to discover that the forest where the lady gnome lived was surrounded by a moat filled with water. Mr. Katz insisted that he did not want to cross the water. The gnome argued that he had made a deal. “However,” Gnardo offered, “if you agree not to eat a mouse, I will forget about the rest of the deal.” The cat quickly concurred.

They were just about to part when the gnome noticed that the cat was sad and asked him why. The cat replied, “Before, I was happy and well fed with a nice, dry place to sleep. I enjoyed being with the girl who too care of me.”

The Gnome cried out, “Wait here, I am going to make a raft. I’ll find the female gnome and bring her back. Then we’ll all return home.” And that’s exactly what happened.

Each creature was happy. Gnardo the Gnome was no longer lonely because he finally had a companion and Mr. Katz returned to living the life of a house cat, which as far as he was concerned was really the cat’s meow.

Written by Lawrence Ticotin and Elaine Ticotin and:


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Gnomes are appreciated in Florida

Gnome in Palm

Pine Island Park is situated on the gulf coast of Florida and although the park is small, it is the perfect location for relaxing or exploring the many wonders of the marshy area. I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the local alligators and even wandered down by the waters where alligator warning signs were posted to see other visitors crabbing for their night’s dinner. As my eyes gazed out over the horizon, one palm tree in particular caught my eye. I noticed something stirring among the swaying leaves and approached to get a better look. I couldn’t believe it. A very precarious Gnome had spotted me. Gnomes are known to be visible only to those who are friendly and believe in them and we soon were engaged in conversation. He explained to me that his mission was to protect the tropical greenery as the area had been affected by weather and other elements in recent years. It also didn’t hurt to get a suntan. I suspected that his true mission was a much needed vacation, but who am I to argue with a Gnome? Hope he knows about the lightening storms.

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