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Garden Gnomes – TH – Gardener

It’s planting season for this garden gnome. He is ready to till the field and plant his seeds. Hopefully it will be a good year for these creatures. Did you know that farmers pay attention to Garden Gnome farming techniques for the best seasonal growing hints? It is a little complicated for adult farmers. They […]

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Garden Gnomes – TH – Golfer Gnome

This garden gnome is getting ready for the Toad Hollow Golf Classic. You may not be familiar with this golf tournament, but it is well known among the Garden Gnome community. Garden Gnomes – TH – Golfer Gnome

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Fisherman Garden Gnome

A good fisherman checks all his gear:  rod, line and hook. Garden Gnomes are no exception when it comes to their fishing gear. Garden Gnomes generally fish for minnows.  To you and me minnows may be small fish but to a Garden Gnome they are very large fish and are important part of their food […]

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