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Mama Garden Gnome Mends Papa Pants

Pappa was out tending to his garden when his pants caught on a thorny rose bush and tore. Read more: Garden Gnome Mom Sews Papa Pants

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Garden Gnomes Do Take Baths

Tubby The Garden Gnome lucked out and found a pail that just happens to be the right size to take a bubble bath. Tubby The Garden Gnome

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The Garden Gnome Birdy Builds Birdhouse

Garden Gnomes and birds have a symbiotic relationship. Read more: Birdy the Garden Gnome Also: Birdhouses

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Cakeman Garden Gnome Bakes a Cake

It’s party time and this garden gnome knows how to bake a cake. Boy does he know how to bake a cake! While baking he enjoys the Bach playing music from Mousy. This garden gnome is 21 inches high and is a great conversational piece. Cakeman Garden Gnome Bakes a Cake

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