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Super Jumbo Toads

The toads are coming! The toads are coming! Accentuate your garden with a color that works for you. These critters are 15 inch high and are fun to look at.  They are easy to take care of and require no feeding. They are really figurines, but don’t tell them. They like to believe they are […]

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Eucalyptus Wood Outdoor Furniture

These beautiful outdoor furniture pieces are made with eucalyptus wood.  The collection includes a cocktail set, cocktail bar set, bench, table and chair set, and chair. Eucalyptus Wood Outdoor Furniture

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Green Thumb

These large green thumb figurines are 27 inch high and will leave no doubt in anybody’s mind that you have a green thumb.  They are excellent conversational pieces that may be enjoyed for years. Green Thumb Figurines

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Sleeping Garden Gnome with Toad Home

This sleeping garden gnome figurine also serves as a home for toads. You may say that Mr. Gnome is one with nature. Sleeping Garden Gnome

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Extra! Extra! Santa Clause is a Garden Gnome

Santa Claus is actually a Garden Gnome. For generations people have asked how it is possible that Santa Clause could climb down a chimney without getting stuck. Now we know. Santa is a Garden Gnome! It just makes sense. Garden Gnomes live almost forever and have tremendous strength and can easily fit and climb down […]

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