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Introducing the Kiss-the-Cook Garden Gnome

Some folks just love TV cooking shows, chefs, recipes and well, just about anything having to do with food.  America’s love affair with food has given chefs a celebrity status.  Take our Kiss-the-Cook gnome here, for example.  Without his white uniform and culinary talents, he’s just your average adorable gnome.  But something happens when he […]

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ELection Time at Gnome Town USA

Elections in Gnome Town are held every 50 years.  So when the time comes, the gnomes are abuzz with excitement in anticipation of who will be next to preside over their little village.  The mayor has three responsibilities. The first is to make sure every gnome has a job.  That decision is based on the […]

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Mullingan Garden Gnome

No one really knows the true origin of the golf term mulligan, which is a do-over. One of the more popular theories suggests that it came from a fellow by the name of David Mulligan. In the 1920’s David would drive his golf buddies to the golf course and in doing so would drive over […]

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Garden Gnome Secrets

Hello. My name is Robert. I’m a garden gnome. I’ve often wondered why humans suffer from all sorts of diseases and conditions that are unheard of in our gnome community. For a long time it didn’t make sense to me that if gnomes live in the same area as humans and eat most of the […]

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Arnold and Sarah’s Big Adventure

This garden gnome adventure illustrates just how pure of heart and unselfish children can be. Perhaps this is why many children can see them and yet adults cannot. Perhaps as we all grow up we loose that “pure of heart” that is recognized and appreciated by garden gnomes. Arnold and Sarah, newlywed garden gnomes, decided […]

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Muffin Boy

There is a mysterious forest within the woody area we all have near our homes. In this forest children are able to witness experiences that are so incredible that they carry the memory well into their adult life. Upon becoming an adult they stop sharing their story because they are embarrassed by the thought that […]

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Pamela of the Forest

There was once an old lady named Pamela who lived deep in the forest. She had lived a productive life. She had children and a husband. However her husband had passed away and her children had moved away to start their own families. Her children asked and begged her to move with them because nobody […]

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Gnardo the Gnome

Mr. Katz, the family’s prize cat was having a quiet conversation with a Gnome called Gnardo on the other side of the screen door to the garden. Perfectly logical – gnomes are known for their ability to communicate with other creatures. However, cats have always treated them as if they were playthings and sometimes play […]

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Gnome Short Stories

This section is going to have fun and interesting stories about Gnomes. Please visit often to read our latest stories.

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