Lately, almost daily, gnomes are popping up in more TV shows, movies, and ads. It’s become almost a sport to watch for gnomes. My wife was watching “The Full Monty” on TV one night when she spotted one of the characters pick up a Garden Gnome for some laughs only to be reprimanded by his friend to put it back. We had never really noticed or thought much about it the first time we saw this movie, but now that gnomes are making their guest appearances almost everywhere, it was a little bit of a thrill to discover one in an older movie.

A reference to gnomes was heard in coming attractions of the new movie, “The Love Guru.” The main character, played by Mike Meyers looks at one of the characters, played by Verne Troyer, the same actor who played Mini-Me in the movie, “Austin Powers”, and says to him, “…I didn’t catch your Gnome…name.”

And who hasn’t seen the wonderful Travelocity gnomes featured in their ads. It’s always great to see new ads pop up and the creative ways they use gnomes in the ads doing all sorts of stunts – flying through the air, doing magic on stage, riding the rapids, or performing high dives.

All this excitement about gnomes has prompted with some new words or gnomeisms that we believe should be added to the dictionary.

Gnomeisms: Little bits of philosophy.

Gnomey Gnomey: A phrase for someone who seems to have the “good luck power” of a garden gnome.

Gnome Snatcher: Someone who likes to steal garden gnomes. (By the way, this is a criminal offense punishable by law.)

Here are some phrases that are self-explanatory:

“May the Gnome be with you.”

“Only the Gnome knows” or “Only my Gnome knows the truth.”

“If you can love my Garden Gnome, you can certainly love me.”

“So goes, so goes my traveling gnome.”

“Chillin’ with my Gnomies.”

“Oh, Gnome you di’nt.”

“Down on Gnome Street.” (Coincidently may be found in a little place called Gnome Town USA, where garden gnomes and traveling gnomes go to be adopted.)

If you hear of any new Gnomeisms, please let us know.

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