Greeting Cards – Garden Gnomes

Garden Gnome Christmas Cards

Imagine receiving a Christmas card that is truly a piece of artwork, features a garden gnome, and includes an enchanting story.  These greeting cards will capture your imagination with their incredible detail, vivid colors, and stories about the origin of both Santa Claus and the modern Christmas elf.  The story of the tomte (or Nisse) begins before recorded history. Its evolution is as much a story about us as it is about these creatures.

It will be as much fun to give as to receive one these beautifully crafted cards.  Most greeting cards are tossed after a week or so, but we believe that these garden gnome Christmas and note cards will be displayed much longer and will make a wonderful keepsake.

Give friends and family something special.  It’s not just a card; it’s a gift that shows you care.

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