Norm with Brew

tn_wg68_big140x140.jpgWe have it on very good authority that major breweries are clamoring to contact Garden Gnomes to learn their brewing secrets. Breweries have learned that the best tasting beer is actually produced by Gnomes. Many beer lovers have reported that they have come across abandoned picnic areas that still had small cups of beer that they tested. They claim the beer was the best they ever tasted, but are frustrated that they are unable to buy this amazing beverage anywhere. One top brewer was able to get a hold of some of the “gnome beer” and tried to analyze the ingredients. Unfortunately, the brewer was not able to identify all the ingredients. The hunt for the mysterious ingredient continues world wide.
Major beverage companies believe that the future of beer lies in the secret ingredients for a beverage only Garden Gnomes enjoy. The stakes are high. The first company to produce this beverage may experience billions of dollars in sales!

Norm With Brew Garden Gnome

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