Arnold and Sarah’s Big Adventure

Garden GnomesThis garden gnome adventure illustrates just how pure of heart and unselfish children can be. Perhaps this is why many children can see them and yet adults cannot. Perhaps as we all grow up we loose that “pure of heart” that is recognized and appreciated by garden gnomes.

Arnold and Sarah, newlywed garden gnomes, decided to visit relatives that lived in an area that was 40 miles from their home. The relatives lived in a remote woody section of New Jersey close to the big city. Arnold and Sarah weren’t sure how they were going to get there since they had never been away from home before. They decided to ask some of their gnome friends to find the answer. They walked down a small path bordered by beautiful flowers. Sarah stopped to smell the fragrance and pick one to put in her hair. When she looked up, she saw Jack on his swing.

Arnold and Sarah called out to Jack, “Jack, we want to visit our relatives near the big city. Do you know how to get there?

“No, sorry, I don’t. Never been there. Perhaps Ryan knows. I see him at the water pump.” Jack replied.

Arnold and Sarah wondered over to where Ryan was pumping his water. Ryan liked to keep the garden watered and worked hard to fill and carry the water buckets back and forth.

Arnold and Sarah called out to Ryan, “Ryan, we want to visit our relatives near the big city. Do you know how to get there?

“No, sorry, I don’t. Never been there. Perhaps Phillip knows. Can you hear him playing his flute? He’s over there sitting on one of the mushrooms.” Ryan replied.

Arnold and Sarah followed the sound of the flute. Phillip often played during the day. He claimed that the music was soothing and helped the gardens grow.

Arnold and Sarah called out to Phillip, “Phillip, we want to visit our relatives near the big city. Do you know how to get there?

“Yes I do! Went last year to play in a concert. You’ll need to take a few trains. It’s a long journey. Here is my map. Make sure you follow the directions carefully or you may get lost.” Phillip warned.

The journey required taking several connecting trains to reach their destination, but Arnold and Sarah didn’t mind. It was going to be an exciting time and they couldn’t wait. They thanked Phillip and went straight home to look over the directions.

The next morning Arnold and Sarah got up and prepared to leave for the train station. Arnold was not a quick walker like Sarah. He had a slight limp and sometimes had to resort to using a cane to walk. This day was no exception. Sarah was quick and sometimes forgot that her husband was not as quick as her. They walked as quickly as they could. They saw that train was already waiting at the station, which meant that it would be departing in about 3 minutes. Sarah ran ahead to be sure the conductor didn’t signal the train to leave. Arnold ran behind Sarah, but couldn’t keep up. Their friend Al trailed behind Arnold, pushing their luggage in his wheelbarrow. Soon the two were on board and Al waved good-bye as the train slowly left the station.

Arnold and Sarah enjoyed their train ride. They looked out the window for most of the ride and were amazed at all the houses, buildings, and people they saw. They were so engrossed in absorbing the sites that they almost missed their stop. They transferred to another train and were sure to follow Phillip’s instructions. They were almost there, but had one final part of their adventure that required taking a special train. Their adventure up until then had looked uneventful. Sarah and Arnold got on the train and waited about 5 minutes for the train to start. They talked and talked while waiting and finally the train took off.

They were still talking and quickly realized that the train was coming into the station of their final destination. Excited to be at their final stop, Sarah got up and quickly went through the sliding doors and onto the platform. She was so excited that she forgot Al’s instructions that said that they must get off this particular train as quickly as possible because the doors were automatic and once closed the train would leave. She forgot that Arnold was slow, and when he finally made his way to the sliding doors, they closed on him as Al had warned! He tried to open them, but he could not get them to open. He then banged on the doors and screamed Sarah’s name to try to get her attention. He could see her walking on the platform, oblivious to his plight. Then the situation got worse as the train took off! Arnold was all alone and getting further away from Sarah.

Poor Arnold. He didn’t want to get lost. He began to wish he were safe at home with the other garden gnomes. He turned around and saw all the people on the train. Some looked nice and well dressed, reading newspapers. There were some families with children and he tried to imagine where they might be going. Others looked a little disheveled and a few a little frightening. Arnold had never encountered so many different types of people. He wondered why some looked so sad while others looked very happy. He soon turned his thoughts as to how he was going to get back. He tried to think clearly so that he wouldn’t get lost. He immediately got off the train at the next stop. Unbeknownst to Arnold, a little 10-year-old boy had witnessed the situation and happened to get off at the same stop. Fortunately, the little boy was smart and knew the train system. He helped Arnold to get on the return train. Arnold was still shaking just thinking about how scared he was.

Arnold was fortunate to be blessed with the pureness of the little boy who helped him get back to Sarah. When Arnold reached Sarah, they both had a good laugh and went on their way. They would have many stories to tell all the other garden gnomes. They knew that this was going to be an adventure that they would never forget.

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