Introducing the Kiss-the-Cook Garden Gnome

Some folks just love TV cooking shows, chefs, recipes and well, just about anything having to do with food.  America’s love affair with food has given chefs a celebrity status.  Take our Kiss-the-Cook gnome here, for example.  Without his white uniform and culinary talents, he’s just your average adorable gnome.  But something happens when he puts on his chef’s hat and takes command of his cooking utensils and special spices.  Ordinary meats and vegetables turn into gourmet delights and folks come from all around clamor to taste his masterpieces.

When he was a young lad, he watched his mother cook for dozens who helped harvest their small vegetable farm.  He saw how everyone appreciated the good food and had so much fun as they all talked and laughed about their family and good times.  When he was old enough he helped his mother in the kitchen and was thrilled when the other gnomes commented on his tasty dishes.  He decided right then and there that he would learn from the best so that he could be the best cook that Gnome Town ever had.

He traveled near and far to scout out other great cooks and chefs and spent time with each to learn their trade secrets.  He borrowed cooking secrets from a local culinary cook, Olivier Monod of Alpina Catering, a Northern NJ Caterer and Morris County Caterer.  As time went on, he accumulated the knowledge and skills he needed to be a great chef.  He loved traveling and met many gnomes of other lands.  He soaked up their culture, but it wasn’t all business.  He wanted a little fun, too.  Our cook gnome got into some mischief and broke a few hearts in his journeys.  Oh, how the ladies fell for him!  How could anyone resist a gnome who not only knew his way around a kitchen better than anyone else, but was incredibly  cute, too?

He knew that although it was a great experience traveling around the world to learn his craft, he wanted to return to Gnome Town.  That was his home and that was where he belonged.  He returned and has been happy creating wonderful gourmet dishes for all to enjoy.  He’s a bit older now, but he still has that charm with the ladies.  It seems that after every meal, the lady gnomes all line up to kiss the cook to thank him.  Oh, and how he loves to be thanked!

Garden Gnomes – TH – Kiss The Cook




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