Biker Garden Gnome Set

Garden Gnomes couple wearing motorcyle clothing.

Brrrrrrrmmmm…….Decked out in their leather-like gear, which includes chaps, vest, black pointy hats, boots, and dark shades, Biker Guy and Biker Babe have arrived at Gnome Town!  They’re not your typical garden gnomes in many respects.  For one thing, they are not too fond of gardening.   The fact that plants and flowers would wither and turn brown under their care gave them a hint that gardening was just not a skill they could master.   Nor was it very fulfilling to them.

Ever since that first ride many years ago, they were hooked and thrilled that they finally found something that made them happy.    So they traded in their garden hoes, rakes, and watering cans for the promise of the open highways.

Their gnome friends just didn’t understand why they chose their lifestyle, but were happy that they found the life of a road warrior suited their free-thinking spirits.  Biker Guy and Biker Babe love visiting their gnome friends around the world.   They fell in love with the freedom that only a biker can experience.

Biketoberfest, hog weekend, pin stops, and road rallies are always on their agenda.  They’ve clocked thousands of miles and just as many adventures.  They would love to share a few stories if you’re willing to listen to their hog tales.  Just don’t ask them to plant anything or tend to your garden.   They’re sure to leave you in the dust.  It’s just how they roll.

Biker Gnome Set

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