Tea Time with Gnomes

On a recent visit to a quaint teahouse restaurant in Fredon, NJ, I was enjoying an afternoon of fine teas and excellent food when it occurred to me that Gnomes are known for their fondness for exotic teas. Their favorite is the Birch tea with grounded Walnut to give it a hearty taste during the wintertime. They tap the sap from the tree in March and then store it to make various beverages. They particularly like its antiseptic and medicinal properties and use it to help prevent sickness during the winter.

I was privileged to taste the restaurant’s Christmas tea, a blend of herbal tea, cinnamon, and apple that the teahouse was offering that day as the tea of the day special. I wondered if the Gnomes had experienced such a wonderful tea. Then as it happened I glanced out the window to take a look at the quiet farmlands put to rest for the winter season when I spotted a Gnome by the back porch. I recognized instantly that it was Gus. He was sitting on a tree stump sipping a cup of tea. I’m sure he had no idea that anyone was aware of his presence. I tempted to sit with Gus to share a cup of tea and some conversation, but before I could act, he was gone. Perhaps we’d meet another day?

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