Garden Gnomes Love Holidays – Holiday Gifts

Our garden gnome friends are looking for a home. Every gnome deserves a good home and someone to love and care for them so we’d like to share a few details about some of our gnomes who want a new home:

Santa Claus regales small children with his stories of Christmas past.
Mrs. Claus has an eye for fashion, is a great cook, and is punctual.
Squeezy loves putting on a hum dinger of a concert.
Birdy likes to make birdhouses for his little friends.
Digger loves to dig in the garden with his favorite shovel.
Mr. Teach spends his time teaching innocent creatures how to survive and live in the wilderness.
Mr. Batty is batty about baseball.
Tubby got his nickname from taking so many baths in his wooden barrel bathtub.
Mamma sews and sews, but mostly sews patches to cover up the holes in Papa’s pants.

If you are looking for the perfect garden companion, please consider adopting one of our gnomes or giving them as gifts to your friends or family. Gnomes have been known to bring joy and sometimes good luck to their adoptive families. will make every effort to insure that everyone interested in adopting one of our pointy hat friends is satisfied.  However, our garden gnome friends want you to know that there is only a limited stock on hand for the holidays.

Please click here to enter and bring a little happiness into your (or someone elses) home or garden.

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