ELection Time at Gnome Town USA

Elections in Gnome Town are held every 50 years.  So when the time comes, the gnomes are abuzz with excitement in anticipation of who will be next to preside over their little village.  The mayor has three responsibilities.

The first is to make sure every gnome has a job.  That decision is based on the gnome’s skills, knowledge, and their passion.  After all, gnomes cannot be happy unless they are working at something that they love.

The second is to make sure that Gnome Town is a safe place to live.  Every gnome must be trained to ward off any predators.  Fortunately, they have none.  It’s a well-known fact that every living creature loves garden gnomes.  But after watching several Bruce Lee and Karate Kid movies, the town decided that it is better to be prepared just in case.  So karate and kung fu lessons are mandatory.

And the third is to make sure any creature, whether it’s a gnome, animal, or alien, that lives in Gnome Town is taken care of.  An ancient law dating back to the 12th century states that no creature shall go hungry, that all creatures shall be tended to when sick, and that all creatures will be loved.

Here is a friendly gnome (we can’t reveal his name just yet) practicing his speech with his pet turtle as his audience.  He is working hard to be prepared for the next debate.    Elections are just around the corner so he will need to show that he is up for the job.

The above Garden Gnome may be found on:

Garden Gnome – 11″ – Standing with Turtle

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