Gnomes are appreciated in Florida

Gnome in Palm

Pine Island Park is situated on the gulf coast of Florida and although the park is small, it is the perfect location for relaxing or exploring the many wonders of the marshy area. I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the local alligators and even wandered down by the waters where alligator warning signs were posted to see other visitors crabbing for their night’s dinner. As my eyes gazed out over the horizon, one palm tree in particular caught my eye. I noticed something stirring among the swaying leaves and approached to get a better look. I couldn’t believe it. A very precarious Gnome had spotted me. Gnomes are known to be visible only to those who are friendly and believe in them and we soon were engaged in conversation. He explained to me that his mission was to protect the tropical greenery as the area had been affected by weather and other elements in recent years. It also didn’t hurt to get a suntan. I suspected that his true mission was a much needed vacation, but who am I to argue with a Gnome? Hope he knows about the lightening storms.

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