Gnome moves on his own?

We recently received a shipment of Gnomes looking for a home. We moved all of the Gnomes from our receiving area to our stock room. To our amazement, we later found the Gnome, Thomas with Basket, in the receiving area.

Thomas with BasketWe were at a loss for an explanation. We recalled that all the Gnomes had been moved to the stock room. Yet Thomas had moved. How could this have happened?

Could the Thomas with Basket figurine have taken a life of its own and gone back to the room in search of something to add to his basket? Perhaps a real Gnome, unbeknownst to us, moved the figurine? In any event, it is well known that Gnomes bring good luck. Perhaps, this is an indication of bigger and better things to come for you and us.

You be the judge.

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