American Soldiers in Iraq Adopt Garden Gnome


The story of our gnome begins when we had decided to grow grass to help get our minds off of the dead environment of Iraq. We built a 3×5 box and laid the potting soil and grass seed that my mother had sent us. Grass grew within weeks of its planting to a thick and luscious “lawn”. Luscious Lawn Our Platoon Sergeant had mentioned that we should look for a gnome to finish things off and bring more attention to the grass. We thought about this for about a week and we finally decided to begin our search for the perfect gnome.

We had searched about 3 other sites before landing on and decided that this site had such a variety of gnomes, we would have to find one there. We started looking at the variety of gnomes they had to offer and decided, since our Platoon Sergeant had brought the idea to our attention, we would look for a gnome that was most similar in looks or personality to him. We mainly focused on the 8 inch gnomes as it would be easier had we decided to get it back home with us. After searching the site we landed on “Nicholas the Publisher”. This gnome was almost an exact look-a-like of our Platoon Sergeant, well, except for the beard, pointy hat and gnome clothing.

After e-mailing Gnome Town USA, to reassure that we could get a gnome sent all the way to Iraq, we had placed our order and within three days our gnome was delivered. We had to rename the gnome, though, to make it more known that we had bought it for our Platoon Sergeant. The gnome is now known as “Mark the Banker”, as you can see from our sign that we had created for him. In Safe HandsI would like to thank Gnome Town USA for being so gracious as to ship this gnome from the US to the far and distant land of Iraq, and also for shipping it out so quickly! This brought smiles to everyones faces once the gnome was placed out by our grass. Thank you again, and your the gnome is in safe hands with the US Army!

SGT Ten Cate and the Soldiers of Bravo Company 257 BSB, Kenosha, WI

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