Bird Houses

These beautiful made in America birdhouses offer innovative designs that were inspired by craftsmen who build homes. They make beautiful accessories for Garden Gnomes and the outdoors and will last a long time. The birdhouses are constructed with functional design and quality material like heavy, deep swamp cypress, a by-product of material bound for furniture factories worldwide. Cypress is the most naturally rot-resistant wood that grows in our country.

The birdhouses are constructed with quality zinc-coated fasteners, brass screws, exterior adhesives, and unique methods to combat the weather elements that may damage and shorten its life. The paints used to cover the wood, are industrial grade, non-toxic, acrylic latex applied with experience and care.

The shingles are 100% cypress and offer outstanding esthetics and longevity. Special machinery has designed to cut unique shaped shingles. 16-ounce copper sheeting is also used in many of the birdhouses to give them a custom look and lifelong durability.

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